Cance me for UPenn and Brown Pease!!!!!!!!! I'll chance back!

<p>Hi everyone!</p>

<p>My Info:
I am a white female from Michigan</p>

<p>GPA: 3.998 unweighted-just one -A </p>

<p>My school does not class rank but I'm sure I would be in the top 10% at least </p>

<p>I take the most rigorous classes possible (at my school AP's are not available until junior year)
I am currently taking:
French 4 AC (AC=honors)
American Studies AC
English 11 AP
Chemistry AP (includes a lab period and a lecture period)
Math Analysis AC</p>

<p>All A's going into 2nd semester!</p>

<p>I plan on taking these next year:
Physics AP
Government AP
English 12 AP
Calculus AB
French 5 AP</p>

<p>My extracurriculars:
3 seasons of Rowing (freshman and half of sophomore year) I might go back next year as a coxswain and if I do I will letter</p>

<p>One season (I have been skiing since age 3) on my school's newly established ski racing team (i'm coming back next year)</p>

<p>I teach Sunday school for 4-5 year olds at my church (I am also involved in vacation bible school over the summer)</p>

<p>I am an active member of NHS and Key club</p>

<p>I am a three year member and treasurer of French Club (hopefully president or VP next year)</p>

<p>I volunteer regularly at the soup kitchen through my church</p>

<p>I just started a club called Once Child at a Time that raises money to sponsor African children. So far we have a pretty good start :)</p>

<p>I also have a job cleaning a jewelry store that I have held for 2 years. I plan on working there and getting another job over the summer</p>

<p>my extracurriculars are a bit scattered but I plan on marketing myself as a well rounded individual haha</p>

<p>My test scores:
I have only taken each test once (i plan on testing again for sure) and i did not prepare for either (it was intentional, I was setting a benchmark score)</p>

<p>ACT: 30 ( i can probably raise it 2 or 3 points)
SAT: 1950 (I know I can get it up to at least 2100. I've been studying VERY hard!)</p>

<p>So how do I look? Any help is greatly appreciated </p>

<p>Also, is there anything I can do to improve my changes?</p>

<p>As of now you are a mid reach for each but if you can raise your ACT by a couple points you will be a low reach/high match. </p>

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<p>Thanks!!! (10 char)</p>

<p>Penn - reach
Brown - match</p>

<p>Chance Back?
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<p>Penn- reach
Brown-mid reach</p>

<p>good luck :)</p>



<p>Please chance back!
Search: Please chance me for the best college on the face of the earth (aka Princeton)</p>

<p>Both high reaches, work on your tests scores.</p>

<p>Chances for someone who can't spell "chance" or "please": 0%.</p>

<p>In all seriousness, though, not with those scores. I would question your chances with a 2100, even. Try 2200+. (Unless you can get recruited for rowing.)</p>

<p>Your grades are fine, your ECs are fine--having a steady job looks could--but a little boring, although it could just be the way you described them. Invest in a Big Blue Book and study like your life depended on it. :P</p>

<p>Oh wow I totally didn't realize I had so many typos... Oops </p>

<p>Thank you guys for all of your help!</p>

<p>Totally agree with Haavain. I would even venture to say that your ECs+GPA isn't half as impressive as half of the kids who are applying to Brown right now.</p>

<p>Study for the SATs! Learn how to spell! </p>

<p>Brown - reach!
Pen - reach</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Chance me too please!
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I don't know about Brown, but your chances for Penn (got in ED)...</p>

<p>Let me emphasize this firsthand though. You could get flat out rejected if your essays are awful and your teacher rec letters are horrible. </p>

<p>Unless you are being recruited (or a legacy), I would think you are most likely going to be deferred if you apply ED to Penn. Your resume is very well rounded. Now, this may sound like a good thing (and it is), but not necessarily. </p>

<p>Each and every Penn admission officials are going to read THOUSANDS of well-rounded applications. Varsity athletes, straight A's, 2400 SAT/36 ACT, 5's on every AP test, well rounded ECs, community service... Those are all very common characteristics in typical Ivy League applications. </p>

<p>It will be an advantage if you advertise yourself with some sort of specialty in an area. Well rounded, but with a specialty too, showing you can excel in everything.
Do you compete in anything? Have you been finalist for any state level or higher competitions? Going by what you have here, it makes you look like just a kid who is stuck in school and is afraid to venture out. You lack what some call "extraordinary achievements." Keep an eye out for those.</p>

<p>I am taking the national french exam in the spring. I know I am going to do very well in it. I got an award in 8th grade when I took it and got 3rd in the state (I know I can't put that on my app though). I have submitted to several writing contests also. If I were to be published would that be an "extraordinary achievement" even if it wasn't in a major publication?</p>

<p>Also, if for some reason I cannot get my SAT scores to the level that my ACT scores are at, would it be best to just not send my SAT I scores?</p>

<p>I don't really understand why people say that Penn is a match, because for Penn to be a match, you'd have to be a near shoo-in at the Ivy's themselves.</p>

<p>I'd say that both Brown and Penn are reaches. Getting your scores up will certainly improve your application.</p>

<p>Your EC's are great. GPA is spotless. The only factor that makes both your schools of interest a reach for you is your SAT score. Get that up by at least 100-150 points, you'd be a high match for both. Your ACT score is good though most Ivy's are interested only in the SAT score.</p>

<p>high reaches. Your Scores are barely in the 25th percentile for acceptances at theses colleges. As such, you're extracurriculars aren't stunningly spectacular.</p>

<p>Reach for both. Your test scores definitely need improvement, and you should write a stellar essay that really showcases something unique about you (and by unique I do not mean "the week I helped build a church in Guatemala and met a little boy named Jose" or "My dog died" or "Why I cut myself."</p>