Cancel sending of scores?

<p>So i just took the sat subject tests in math 2, chem, and lit.
When i signed up for them i had collegeboard send them to 4 schools but now after taking them i don't want the scores to be sent to the schools......
can i somehow cancel the sending of the scores......i don't want to actually cancel the scores......just don't want them to be sent anymore...</p>

<p>just remove the schools on the college board website.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that if you send any SAT score reports after this date, the scores from today will show up. That's true even if you want to send only a single test score - they are all reported. If you've already done enough SAT testing and have previously sent the scores to all your intended colleges, then those college won't see these scores if you remove the schools as suggested in post 2.</p>