<p>I just took the Literature and Math 1 SAT 2's and had a MAJOR time management fail... On Lit I ended up leaving 22 blank(i know, that's horrid).. And on Math 1 I left 8. I think I pretty much got all of the questions I attempted on Math 1, but that still puts me at a highest possible score of around 730. Should I cancel and retake in October? Also, any suggestions on how to work through tests faster?</p>


<p>Lol the same thing happened with me. Except I missed like a LOT of questions like up to 15 questions on the Chemistry and like 10+ on math 2. I knew how to do the questions but I keep overthinking on questions and double checking/crap like that. I screwed up but I'm not canceling my scores because there is still a chance that I did well on the ones I did not omit, and might get a decent score.</p>

<p>i thought if you omit 8 highest you could get is a 720</p>