<p>Okay I am really debating about whether I should cancel my score or not. I am currently a junior and I took my first SAT1 in January and scored a little above 2000. 666/660/710
I took it again today but I did not study much partly because I ran out of material and I felt it was up to luck now to increase my score since I feel like I am at a plateu. I had started with a 1700 so I already increased 300 points. </p>

<p>Anyways, I feel like i effed up my tremendously tremendously because I wrote the worst essay possible. Ill be lucky to get an 8. Plus last time i got 3 mc wrong, and i am sure i got more wrong this time. My writing wil ldefinately go down. On the other hand I think I improved math and I think I did around 650ish reading. BUT i may have increased both sections. </p>

<p>My question is should i cancel my score if I think it'll be around 2000.
I dont want my score to drop becausse itll look like i didnt study. on the other hand, i dont want to cancel because it may seem that i took it once and was happy with my score and didnt make an effort to improve.</p>


<p>"666" lol.</p>

<p>"...i took it once and was happy with my score and didnt make an effort to improve."</p>

<p>Don't you also have the option to cancel your scores and simply take it in the beginning of Senior year, giving you the Summer to study?</p>

<p>yes but i feel as if i am at a plateau and that i cant raise my score anymore. also i might need to take a subject test in october. secondly, i have no more materials left for studying</p>

<p>any suggestions?</p>

<p>bump ...............</p>

<p>If you feel that you will not improve and that your Math score went up a bit this time, you should definitely not cancel it.</p>

<p>Well, the thing is, you don't know how you did, so it's probably best to see how you did, and where to improve.
There's always the score choice option as far as sending scores is concerned.</p>

<p>bu dont many schools want all your scores</p>

<p>^ Yes, some schools do, but most schools don't care.</p>

<p>ok so i check the consolidated lists in order to try to find out how many i got wrong compared to how many i got wrong from my first test. Seems like CR is about the same but there could be more wrong this time. i do not remember waht i put for all the answers. also, for math i think i did a few poitns better. writing is DOWN. </p>

<p>so if i just keep this score, it will be okay even if its lower than my first testing? Also, if i happen to keep this score, i wil not retake the test. but if i happen to cancel, i will retake in october.</p>

<p>waht are your opinions. also, do the top 50 schools want all scores?</p>

<p>You shouldn't cancel.</p>

do the top 50 schools want all scores?


<p>Some do; some don't. Check their Web sites.</p>