Canceling Scores

<p>Hi everyoneeee
I have a question...
Well, I just had my SAT II's today (Math&USH)... And I'm not quite sure if I would hit the 600's and 700's...
Yeah that's how much I sucked today.. Bad day..
Should I cancel my score... I'm planning to apply to the UC's... and I heard they don't super score.. & I wouldn't want them to see my worst possible scores since I would need to send all of my scores in.
Is canceling scores reasonable in this situation?

<p>Totally reasonable. Im cancelling around a 750-780 in physics.</p>

<p>Anyways, if you cancel a test score, there is no way colleges will know that you cancelled it right?</p>

<p>Please do not judge my decision to cancel my score but rather answer my question.</p>

<p>BUMP! more recommendations?</p>