Cancelling a lease before all paperwork is signed

Question for anyone with experience.

The college my son attends has a lot of kids living off campus. He was given a package of forms for an apartment complex he liked for next year – an actual lease plus a lot of addendums. All are separate documents that are being signed electronically.

He has signed the lease but has not yet completed the addenda and is realizing that this may not be where he wants to live.

Any thoughts on whether what he has signed so far has “committed” him to this complex? And what, if anything, he can say to try to get released from this commitment if possible.

This is in California, if it makes any difference.


Both parties have to accept (sign) a contract. So, if he doesn’t sign the addenda, then the other party is not likely to be willing to countersign the lease, hence there’s no contract.

First step is to make a definite decision for/against NOW - and advise the other party immediately that he won’t finalize the lease so that THEY will be release and free to commence marketing the apartment again!

But hopefully someone more competent will have a more legally founded answer.


That’s what I thought. He will definitely address this today or tomorrow.