Cancelling registration for one SAT2 while keeping two others for tomorrow

<p>I'm registered for three subject tests tomorrow but I only have time for two. Long story short, I want to drop Math 1 but keep Physics and US History. </p>

<p>How can I just cancel one and will there be a free/refund? </p>

<p>When I go to "make changes" on the My SAT part of, I get this error

We're sorry, the SAT online registration and scores services are temporarily unavailable. Please try again later to access our services. Thank you for your patience.


<p>No need to cancel. Just take physics and US history, then hand in your answer sheet and leave the testing center. There's no fee, but you won't get a refund for the test you didn't take.</p>

<p>^second what Kalathalan said. I looked it up; it was also mentioned in this thread here:</p>

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<p>just making sure, I read somewhere else around here that if you cancel one test, you cancel the whole day's worth.</p>

<p>That's if you cancel the scores after taking the test. If you don't take the test, it just won't be scored and you will still get your other two scores.</p>

<p>^this is correct. Just don't take the third test at all</p>

<p>All right, thank you all.</p>

<p>In the first post I meant to say "fee" not "free" in case anyone was wondering (I doubt it).</p>