Cancelling Scores?????!

<p>I took Math IIC last saturday, and my calculator ran out of batteries in the middle of the test. I did not cancel my scores in the test room because I was flustered and I just wanted to leave. The proctor said that we had until the second Monday after the test to cancel our scores, but I just looked at the college board's website and it says that they had to have been cancelled the Wednesday after the test. Does this mean that I cannot cancel my scores..... </p>

<p>I am worried because I did know I did terribly on the test and UCs do not allow score choice.
Please help. Should I call collegeboard?</p>

<p>To my knowledge, you cannot cancel scores after the Wednesday deadline.</p>

<p>However, you could try explaining your situation and calling CB. I don't think they'll let you circumvent their deadline, but at worst, you'll just have to take it again.</p>