Candidate Tours

<p>anyone 2011 candidates going to one of these? I'm going on 6 Oct, then going to the AF/Navy game!</p>

<p>I wish. I want to go to the Academy so bad.....I hope and pray i get into the summer seminar. I think it would be freackin awesome to go to the academy for a week. It would be a dream for me because I want it so bad. Take some pictures for me lol ;)</p>

<p>Are you a junior this year? Wow, you have a while to wait. I'm sorry. ;)</p>

<p>I definitely recommend that you do whatever it takes to get into summer seminar. I've been told that seminar isn't exactly accurate at depicting what cadet life is like, but for me, it gave me an enthusiasm about the academy that is contagious. My ALO noticed it in our interview. Before seminar, I wanted to go to the academy very much, but visiting the campus completely changed my perspective. I loved the yelling, the pushups and flutter kicks, marching, eating at attention, having room inspection... I loved every minute of it. Even after a week there you will have a strong sense of teamwork from working and spending all your time with your element. It is an honor to even wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt that says Air Force on it. I know I may sound crazy, but it's true. Your perspective will change and you will have a better reference point for when you talk with your ALO, and I'm assuming that it will be the same for congressional nomination interviews. They can tell who is sincere and who simply looks good on paper, and if you are really enthusiastic about the academy (which you will be after visiting there, it's inevitable) they will know that you are the right fit for the academy. So go to seminar! I'm not really sure how competitive it is to get into, but they emailed me telling me I was in literally hours after I submitted my application, and I heard it was that way for a lot of people.</p>

<p>br2011, have you been to USAFA before? I want to go to the academy again, but I probably won't until (hopefully, if I get an appointment :)) orientation.</p>

<p>I play on staying up and submitting it at 12:01 AM on the 1st of January. No waiting around for me. What were your stats going to the summer seminar?</p>

<p>nope, this will be my first time to go</p>

<p>Surprisingly, I didn't have my SAT scores going into summer seminar. I took them in June of my junior year, so they came a little late. I called the director of admissions and she reviewed my file and she said that it wouldn't be a problem because I had other things to prove I would be a good candidate. I didn't find out my SAT scores (2150) till I got back. My stats for my junior year are: 4.00 UW, lots of hard classes, 3-sport athlete, President of NHS, copy editor of newspaper...I can't think of anything else big. A couple of clubs, but that's about it. Again, I didn't have my SAT scores when I applied for summer seminar, and they are a mandatory part of the application. I seriously think I was the only kid at seminar who hadn't gotten their results yet, which is not good. So I would recommend that you start taking the SAT this fall, that way you have time to improve them before you actually apply. Good luck! Don't stress out about it too much.</p>

<p>That's strange, I used my PSAT scores untill I got my ACTs.</p>

<p>Thinking about visiting, if any male CCers are coming for orientation in March, I am willing to take yall in if you want.</p>

<p>and redhead, for inspections, attention, all that, you get used to it and all. I'm now starting to get tired of always being at attention, so, be gung ho as long as you can, because you will inevitably become tired of it. The longer you can handle the better though.</p>

<p>Doc France has stated in post, that they really look at your PSAT of your Jr. year for summer seminar. I believe you need to have PSAT score in the 190s to in the running. So study up for the PSAT in October.</p>

<p>Hey, AFAbound, you stole my idea I'll be doing the same thing!:)</p>

<p>Also, guys, the PSAT qualifies you for the National Merit Scholarship program. Don't miss it. Don't even think about missing it.</p>

<p>oh calm down, dont let these guys scare you you're only juniors</p>

<p>Summer seminar isnt that hard to get into, i wasnt national merit and I still got in and ended up getting a 2210 on the sat (aka the real thing). Study but dont stress out too much about standarized testing at this point. Work on your courses and get some leadership roles in a couple Ecs and youll be fine for both SS and the academy when it comes time.</p>

<p>Any appointees or possible candidates who want someone to take them in for an escort/visit or for orientation, let me know via message and I'd be happy to give you my name and squad for when you come.</p>

<p>I reccomend doing one of these if at all possible, it is the best possible way to learn about what your life will be like.</p>

<p>Is this for people that have been accepted and want to be sort of acclemated to the academy?</p>

<p>Sorry, let me restate that. :) I didn't take <em>any</em> standardized test until June of my junior year. No PSAT or PLAN scores or anything. I didn't really have anything to show; definitely not good.</p>

<p>Don't you get to trail a cadet for a day during academy visits? That would be awesome to go during the AF/Navy game. Don't you all have tailgate parties and milk chugging contests? I forget who was talking about that...</p>

<p>Haha, my squad had the "gallon challenge" tonight.</p>

<p>I'd be happy to host any male visiting the Academy, also.
AFAbound, Orientation is for appointees. It is a "heads up" introduction.</p>

<p>Dang, that stinks........maybe next year :).</p>

<p>Are you allowed to ask for a specific cadet that you want to trail during visits? One of my friends is a two degree there; that would be cool if I could have her, since apparently everyone on here is male ;)</p>

<p>Yup, I know of people that have done that. You line up in the gym area if you don't have someone, otherwise you can just meet someone you know around the arena.</p>

<p>What happens is when you come for orientation, you will go into the basketball stadium or some other room where there are a bunch of cadets. Some hold signs for people they know, others just grab someone. I was literally just grabbed by some guy. However, should I know someone when it comes time for me to host, I would just make sure to make a card or something to hold up so they can find me, and that should be how it works.</p>