Candidate weekend invites tomorrow?

Are the invitations for candidates weekend supposed to be announced tomorrow?

thshadow- Olin’s website says “If you are invited to attend, you will be notified by the first week of February.” The discussion entries on College Confidential from last year show that they found out on February 1, so hopefully invitations will be sent tomorrow! It sure makes it difficult planning my son’s visit to colleges when it is still unknown if he is invited to one of the 3 weekends.

Best of luck to everyone waiting for your invite!

Nothing yet

Decisions are up!

DD didn’t make it however. Oh well.

DS did not get an invitation either. On the positive side, it makes it easier to book airfare to visit the colleges who already accepted him.

My neighbor’s son got it - he’s so excited 'cause it’s his first choice. But for those who didn’t get it, I’m sure you’ll find another great place. Olin isn’t for everyone.

My daughter’s friend received an invitation. She’s very excited!

My son received a notice that he was not invited to candidates weekend but that he’s on a wait list for candidates weekend and would be notified by 2/8 if he gets a spot. Anyone know how that works? How many wait list spots might there be for candidates weekend?

I don’t know for sure, but my guess is, they are waiting to see if people don’t respond. I know a few students who got into CW as waitlists. It certainly happens. The number is year dependent. Maybe someone else has more info on a yearly trend.

Best of luck.

Got an invite for Candidate’s Weekend. Pretty nice of them to reimburse a part of the trip, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to attend. And obviously awesome since Olin is one of my top choices.

I was invited to CW1! We should make a groupme for all the candidates so we can get to know each other!

@heirofslytherin I am going to CW1!! Did you ever make a groupme?

CW3! anyone have a group me hmu?