Candidates Choice Application

Hey, I just started my Candidates Choice Application, and I had a few questions about it. How much does the intended major selection matter? I’m planning on doing electrical engineering undergrad and the coterminal program for a masters in nuclear engineering. Would I have a better chance of getting in if I put nuclear vs electrical?

Also, what does RPI look at for merit awards?

Hey, honestly there isn’t really a clear answer to your question. I would probably apply for Nuclear Engineering and maybe minor in electrical power systems or something along those lines since getting a masters in NukeEng without a degree would be pretty hard. Intended major selection doesn’t matter very much honestly so just apply for what you like (unless you’re applying for something that is really unpopular, like Hydrogeology). Good luck!!! I hope you’ll consider RPI if you’re admitted. Just remember that you may change your mind in the long run and that’s okay! Also, merit aid is also shaky since no one really knows what they look for. I know kids with lower scores that got big scholarships and kids with higher scores that got nothing so there’s that. I personally found they were generous with merit awards with me, but it’s case by case. Again, apply and see what happens.