Can't afford student health insurance

I can’t afford the student health insurance offered by Vanderbilt. I’m from out of state so my home insurance can’t waive the Vanderbilt insurance. What other alternative insurance plans/companies have other students enrolled in that’s more affordable and that Vanderbilt is willing to waive???

Do you have private insurance? We were able to waive school insurance, and we live in another state. Did you call your insurance company to find out how coverage works for students away from home? We had an HMO that had an in-state network, but my D was covered every time she needed care (even when she had diagnostic testing). We had to call for prior authorization, but we were always able to get it.

If you are receiving financial aid from Vanderbilt, I would recommend that you contact the Financial Aid office as similar universities will offer you increased grant money to cover the cost of student health insurance if your family’s health insurance does not allow you to waive their college’s (not equivalent in coverage.)