Can't Cancel Scores

I meant to not send my SAT score to colleges but I guess I accidentally sent them to the same schools I did previously. I took the June 3rd SAT; it says “pending” on my end for the score send but because it’s been two weeks, I’m not sure if it’s already sent. Is there anything I can do now to cancel those scores?
If not, how bad is it to have a not great score sent to some of your top colleges? I didn’t do great on this SAT (1290) as opposed to my ACT (31), and would prefer for them to not have it on record, but maybe it’s not as big of a deal as I’m making it out to be.

Most colleges allow you to self report. So in most cases you shouldn’t need to.
On your app, just report the 31.

If the school is test-optional, you should be able to indicate that and (theoretically) the admissions office won’t look at/consider your scores.

Or if you want to submit the 31 ACT, the SAT score will be ignored. (Outside of the single-digit number of “send all scores” schools).

If not test-optional, you need to send something. If you score higher in the future, the current score will be ignored. If not, you had to send it anyway.

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