Can't decide between Pitt and PSU.

<p>I am currently a sophomore at Penn State Beaver campus. After this school year I have to decide between going on to Penn State main campus or transfer to Pitt main. I am majoring in Health Administration. I have visited both schools. My dream job is eventually to work for UPMC, so I am leaning slightly towards transferring to Pitt. I'd appreciate it if some people could tell me about the pros and cons of Pitt.</p>

<p>My daughter is just starting her 4th year at Pitt and my son was recently accepted for the freshman class next fall. My daughter absolutely loves Pitt - she’s in the marching band so goes to all the football and basketball games. For the most part, she likes her professors and definitely likes the campus - it’s hilly with upper, middle and lower campus. Most times, she walks everywhere but she also uses the campus shuttle as well as Pittsburgh buses (free with Pitt ID). In addition, she loves the city of Pittsburgh. She likes the city atmosphere - lots of sports teams, shopping, transportation - but a very manageable size.<br>
She had originally considered PSU but specifically didn’t like that it was “in the middle of nowhere”.
I’m sure you’d be happy either place but Pitt is really wonderful.</p>

<p>Pitt is a no brainer for anything health related, all other things (like cost/setting) being relatively equal. The question is, does Pitt have a pure undergraduate program in health administration? Pitt’s Graduate School of Public Health, is, well, a graduate school. It is also one of the best such schools in the nation.</p>

<p>If your dream job is to work for UPMC (which I think everyone realizes stands for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center), frankly, you’d probably be pretty stupid not to go to Pitt if you can get the training/degree that you want. UPMC has its flagship hospitals right on campus, and obviously, you have a much better “in” coming from Pitt with any sort of health science degree as UPMC helps fund all the university’s health science schools and has an intimate relationship with them. Not to be understated, while you are at Pitt, you can try to find some volunteer/ internship opportunities in UPMC while you are in school or go around the school of public health and try to start meeting people and figure out what kind of career moves you want to make. You are likely going to want to eventually get your MPH at some point anyway.</p>