Can't decide between UCLA & UCB !!!

<p>I'm a transfer student from cc and I got accepted to all five UC's (Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCI, and UCSB) as a comparative Lit. major and right now I'm debating between LA or Berkeley.
After some research, I found out that Berkeley stands at number two (ranking) nationwide for comparative literature program. Knowing this, I know I should choose Berkeley over LA and Berkeley would give me the better "title" after graduation. However, UCLA has always been my dream school and I've always admired the school spirit at LA and the college life. I keep on telling myself that graduating from LA with higher gpa will be better than graduating at Berkeley with lower gpa (since the department has better program I assume that it is much more competitive). I'm a little skeptical about UCLA's quarter system though... I wouldn't know until I visit Berkeley, but how is the college life at Berkeley?? And what would be better for my future? Having the title of Berkeley graduate with average gpa or UCLA graduate with high gpa? Help me out please!!</p>

<p>If you care about prestige go to Berk, if you care about everything else go to UCLA. UCLA isn't even that far back as far as that goes too. I was in Berk for the summer and I was very disappointed TBH. I grew up in LA and so I'm obviously more inclined to UCLA but Berk was just a let down.</p>

<p>I think UCLA is such a well rounded school as far as what a student can get out of going to the place. I don't even know much about UCLA but the fact that it is such a respected school and the fact that it is in LA takes care of everything else outside of academics.</p>

<p>UCLA, UCSD and Cal have its strengths in certain areas. </p>

<p>For most pure science majors like bio, physics, math, engineering, political science, majors that do well on the LSAT, many humanities majors like philosophy, english, literature, Pre-law, any business disipline- Cal is stronger. </p>

<p>For pre-med/health, any discipline in the health sciences, psychology as a medical discipline (psychobiology), neuropsychology, nerology Any fields in the health sciences for that matter - UCLA and UCSD is stronger</p>

<p>Theater arts, arts, music- UCLA is stronger</p>

<p>Our family friend told me this. In fact, he works at UC Berkeley.</p>

<p>Berkeley is slightly more prestigious but you can not go wrong with these three great schools.</p>

<p>I choose UCLA over Berkeley is because I was a spring admit to Berk and I plan to have a career in the health sciences-specifically public health</p>

I keep on telling myself that graduating from LA with higher gpa will be better than graduating at Berkeley with lower gpa


<p>comp lit isn't 'competitive' in the ways that you might think (viz: bio, phy/sci). that said, you're nuts if you think your GPA will differ dramatically between these two departments. it won't. and the departments (and moreover, the SCHOOLS) are both good enough so that people will buy the brand once it's put on your resume down the line. </p>

<p>if, on the other hand, you're dead set on a PhD track, you might even be better off going to SB, where you might actually be able to get a higher GPA (simply because most of the students who've put in as much work as you have - and can be expected to continue to perform at top levels - are choosing / have chosen to go to UCB / UCLA).</p>

<p>TL;DR; compete with weaker students OUTSIDE of UCB / UCLA then maybe = higher GPA upon graduation / stick out more to your professors (rec letters) ---- competing with strong students at UCLA vs SLIGHTLY (if at all) stronger students at UCB = the same GPA.</p>