Can't decide between UF, UCF, or FAU!

<p>I have been accepted to all three of these schools, but I'm having a hard time choosing which one to attend in the fall 2014 as a freshmen. Basically I would like to go somewhere that meets all if not most of my wants:</p>

<li>A nice community/social aspect (being out of state I would love to be able to just go out on the town and do something for myself like a diner or cafe)</li>
<li>Lots of opportunity for internship and hands on experience</li>
<li>Great Pre-Vet club</li>
<li>Lots to do on campus, again going back to being out of state. I would have to obviously dorm and I want to go somewhere that wont be so dead</li>
<li>Nice dorms (since ill be spending a lot of time in it)</li>
<li>Has all pre requisites available in order to prepare to attend veterinary school. I know two very important ones are Intro to Animal Science and Animal Nutrition</li>

<p>So if anyone has attended these universities, any feed back would be so helpful!</p>

<p>I would also like to know what you are majoring in, in preparation for veterinary school. I am currently trying to decide what the best course of action would be for that as well and any information and experience would be much appreciated.</p>

<p>UF is the highest ranked.</p>


<p>I can’t help with your choice between the 3 schools - congrats on your acceptances, btw - but you’ll want to pick a school with a strong school of science and preferably with opportunities for research experience. You mentioned internships, so perhaps you’re already thinking along those lines.</p>

<p>As far as the prerequisite courses, the basics are the same, but the list varies a bit from school to school so do double check for the schools where you plan to apply. Not all veterinary colleges require animal nutrition, for example. </p>

<p>My daughter was a biology major, and she found it was a good base for vet school.</p>

<p>Best wishes</p>

<p>UF all they way, but if you live up north (just assuming) why would you come already down south?</p>

<p><a href=“http://■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■/threads/pre-vet-uf-vs-ucf.584942/”>http://■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■/threads/pre-vet-uf-vs-ucf.584942/</a></p>

<p>UCF does not have two of the prereqs; you’d have to take them at UF or online. UF definitely has the strongest programs, but UCF is located in Orlando and does not have as many students competing to find vet experience. UCF also has the best dorms I’ve seen anywhere; you’d only have to share a bathroom with 3 other people at the most. I hear both that Gainesville is a great place, or that it’s a boring college town that only has parties. Definitely do your research and pick the one that’s best for you.</p>

<p>Also UF has a Veterinary school and you will get a lot of hands on experience as well as animal geared courses that you may not find at UCF or FAU. Also UF is a highly ranked school and it would look good to have your degree from here as it would show you have taken rigorous science classes from a well known and highly ranked school. UCF and FAU are ranked way under UF. UF also gives you a great college experience with exciting football games due to the large fan base surrounding the Gators. Also the city of Gainesville is basically geared toward college kids, so there is a lot to do! My sister is in her third year there and she constantly is finding new places to eat from cupcake shops to recently opened restaurants. Hope this helps! I’m a pre vet student at the University of Illinois (originally from Florida) studying animal science. This is the best decision I made because it has all the courses required to get into vet school due to it having a vet school of its own. UF has the same benefits. here is a look of the undergrad curriculum required for their vet school: <a href=“”></a></p>

<p>Hope this helps!</p>

<p>Thank you all so much for your replies! </p>

<p>larryle2, I want to go down south because A) theres not vet schools off interest to me up here in my opinion, and B) I really want to get away and experience a totally different culture, ive always loved florida so i figures hey, why not? Plus my family has a condo down there so they can visit practically whenever they want</p>

<p>Honeymelon and anon723 your responses really helped a bunch, I think that UF might be the better choice due to the veterinary school right no campus, and the fact that it already has all the required prereq classes, even though the doorms suck :P</p>