Can't Decide On a Major/Career and Time is Running Out

I’m going to be heading into my second year of college next Fall for my associates and I don’t know what I want to pursue or do with my life. Until now I was in the nursing program at my community college. I thought I wanted to be a doctor so, I applied for their nursing program to see how I felt about it and the medical field in general. Long story short I haven’t been doing to well in my classes and I’m at the point where I don’t think I’ll even be apart of the program this Fall. I want to graduate on time so I’ll hopefully be taking summer classes but, the issue is that I don’t know what major I should switch to.

Everyone keeps telling me its okay, that I don’t have to worry about a career but should focus on a general major or area of study. However, I can’t seem to do that especially since nothing really interests me. I love my dad but he keeps pushing this nursing thing on me and I feel so guilty because I can’t seem to get anything right. At this point I feel like there’s a giant weight on my shoulders.

I’m not a people person, I can’t multitask, and I do terrible under pressure. The only things I enjoy are reading, listening to music and spending time with my family during my free time. I don’t have any subjects I particularly hate but I’m not very good at math, and my grammar isn’t anything to brag about. I suppose you can say I enjoy science but, I honest;y believe that’s because I always had fun science classes growing up rather than having to do with me liking the subjects (I got mostly B’s anyway).

Any suggestions or tips that you can offer would be really helpful.