Can't Decide on AP!

<p>I have been thinking about which AP courses I will be taking in Sophmore, Junior and Senior Year. (Currently a freshmen!) I am academically advanced however my school is extremely small and therefore cannot offer me any challenging courses. Therefore they are raising the limit of AP courses per year for me. </p>

<p>There are two important things you should know. 1, I would be taking ALL AP courses online. And 2. My dream is to get accepted to RSI. And that is where the problem begins. </p>

<p>Sophmore Year:
-Computer Science
(self-study Environmental Science and Human Geo)</p>

<p>Junior Year:
-English Language and Composition
-Us Gov
(self study Comparative Gov and possibly Psychology)</p>

<p>Senior Year:
-One/Two of the History Courses</p>

<p>This would be my schedule if I base it on the most challenging coursework to be apple to even be considered for the RSI program. The thing is, I live in Brazil so I am already at a disadvantage when it comes to science internships, science fairs/awards etc. So my coursework is extremely important. </p>

<p>I would really like to be able to take all the history AP courses because I am extremely good at it. But it would be impossible to take all three at once. (I have SAT, subject tests, ACT, Toefl etc. Junior year. Or maybe Toefl in senior, not really sure yet) </p>

<p>I play soccer/volley/basketball after school. I have piano/french once a week. And I have community service every Friday. </p>

-Is there anything I can do to increase my chances for the RSI
-I am able to understand things quickly and easily, do you think I can increase my AP workload (my school doesnt offer IB or Honors classes)</p>

<p>If you can take the time to answer it would be much appreciated!</p>