can't decide on college

<p>uc irvine, ucla, williams, or washington&lee</p>

<p>uci--loved the campus, very high tech, nice community, love suburban environment, nice cali so close to home, known for its bio program</p>

<p>ucla--more prestigious than irvine, close to home, but big city and hella lots of ppl</p>

<p>williams--#1 private lib. arts school, small classes, over 90% admit rate to med schools...but rural and so far</p>

<p>wash&lee--full ride. small classes. 80% admit rate for med schools</p>

<p>any advice?</p>

<p>Do you want big school or small school? I liked Wash & Lee but I also like smaller more personal experiences. Plus you have to consider finances... with med school in your future(I presume) you've got plenty of educational expenses ahead of you.</p>

<p>Good luck and sorry I didn't have more to add.</p>