can't decide to transfer or not? tyler school of art?

<p>Hi, i'm having some problems deciding whether or not i should transfer, i go back and forth between the college i'm at now and Temple university, specifically Tyler school or art, i made up a list of pros and cons of both and idk i just can't decide. I don't want to mke a mistake by transfering but then again i'm not sure if i'll be really happy and not lloaded in stress if i don't transfer. Can anyone give insight?</p>

<p>current college

<p>small classrooms
great friends
close to city
close relationship with teachers
quiet campus
great galleries/installations in city
i love the city <3</p>


<p>no close art store
far away from bf
no jobs
poor work study pay
too expensive
must overpoint(over load and take extra courses) to graduate on time
hectic schedule with overload of classes, work and taking busses to see current bf</p>

<p>Possible tranfer

<p>close to bf
close art stores and great campus stores
city within walking distance/everything close by
good art program/new art buildings
scholarships available
close to museums and galleries
job during school yr=not a problem
will finish in 4 yrs, summer school is a option
came from a private college so most credits would transfer
less hectic schedule</p>

huge campus=big classrooms
party central
anxiety about making new friends and losing old ones
only have a BS degree
some credits might not transfer</p>