Can't decide where to go

<p>Hi guys, I'm having trouble deciding where I want to go, and I was hoping someone out there could help. I am currently deciding between the University of Maryland, College Park and the University of Pennsylvania. I plan to do computer engineering as well as business.</p>

<p>Things to consider:</p>

<p>UMD Pros:
-UMD is $6000 a year versus UPenn, which is $45000 a year
-UMD is ranked 22 for their engineering school while UPenn is ranked 28 (I don't know what the ranking is for computer engineering in particular)
-I have been admitted to the UMD Honors Program as well as their Gemstone Program</p>

<p>UPenn Pros:
-UPenn is in the center of Philadelphia
-As I mentioned before, I want to do business as well, so I will dual major in computer engineering and business, and there are fewer better places than UPenn to do it
-If I go to UPenn, I plan to reapply to their joint degree program for Management and Technology</p>

<p>I like both of their campuses, and I have no qualms about the social life at either school. UMD is about 45 minutes away from my house while UPenn is about 3 hours away (I'm not sure which ones better, to be closer or farther, but both are close enough that it would be easy to come back home).</p>

<p>I'm not exactly sure what other information could be relevant, so if you can think of any, I'd be happy to add it.</p>

<p>What do you guys think? Where should I go? Please justify your response because I am interested in hearing why you think the way you do. Thanks in advance for your help.</p>

<p>There is an entire thread back a few pages on Honors Programs. It may be worth seraching for it since opsters wrote about the good and bad and were often comparing some of the Honors Program to schools like PENN.</p>

<p>Is UMD so inexpensive because you are in state or are they offering you a merit scholarship? Do you know what percentage of students are in the Honors Program? Do you see yourself going to grad school and will fiances matter more because of that?</p>

<p>do what aakash is doing</p>

<p>if you didn't have any personal problems with distance, say your parents were to live 10 miles away from you regardless of the school, which one would you attend. Which one would "you" love to attend. I don't think you should make a decision based on others. College experience is about growing up, if you always look back to your parents then what are you ever going to do the rest of your life for yourself? Are you always going to be dependant on them?</p>

<p>to dogs: its inexpensive because of residency and because of merit scholarships. 10% in honors, and i do plan to go to grad school, though at a school like upenn, i could do a 5 year bs/ms program.</p>

<p>to liek: distnace isnt a problem for me at either school. i am personally leaning towards upenn but is the extra $39k a year worth it? i know i need to make my own decisions but i was just curious to hear other peoples opinions about it</p>

<p>If the fin. aid isn't a huge deal, UPenn, but if your parents have to push back their retirement, I might be leaning towards UMCP</p>

<p>Dude if it's 6k vs. 45 k then the choice is obvious. Go to UMD.</p>

<p>definitely umd - you'll be the genius there, you'll get the special attention, at penn you'll be average and totally consumed with work, all for $45,000 per year. i'm turning down penn, too, for uga honors and i'm so excited... soooo not worth the money. go bulldogs!!</p>

<p>If the money is nothing to your parents then you do have a tough decision. I'd say Penn because you'll get a new experience. But the $$$ difference makes it a no-brainer for UMD.</p>