Can't decide which subject to take...?

<p>Music or Chinese.
My other subjects are English, maths, chem, physics, and history. </p>

<p>Do colleges even care what subjects you take, so long as you do well?
I'm just looking for the subject that will look best/be more useful in applying for college. I like them both and have interest in both.</p>


<p>Since you have a legitimate interest in both it doesnt matter which one you choose...neither one would look any "better" for college admissions</p>

<p>My personal choice would be Chinese just for the fact that one can always enjoy music outside the classroom but one really needs instruction in order to really learn a language</p>

<p>Hmm, I see. The thing I'm stuck on is that I can learn Chinese outside of school as well, but doing that deprives me of many opportunites (such as going to China with the school). But if I take music, I may have a chance of doing scholarship a year early.</p>

<p>Thanks for your opinion, it's greatly appreciated!</p>