Can't edit posts?

Recently I’ve noticed the icon allowing editing of my own post is gone, even right after I post it. A while back posts could be edited for a few minutes, then the forum seemed to change to allow editing forever, now is there no editing possible after adding a reply?

I like to tidy up my posts, fix typos, etc. for a few minutes after I post when I can read them in their entirety instead of in the smaller editing window. Has this capability been removed, or is it just my computer?

edit: ironically, I see editing is possible for this post. On the posts I can’t edit instead of the icon for the editor there is an icon that when I hover over it says “share a link to this post”

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Senior Members, such as you, can edit their own posts within 24 hours. With the exception of this post, all of yours are older than that

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thanks for the info!