Can't get on the waitlist for MEC85??

<p>I try to sign up for MEC85 which is crosslisted with CEC30 and I put in the CCN and it brings me up to the list of discussion sections. It says that both are full and I cant chose the section. Putting the CCN for the discussion section results in sending me to the main page with the result being canceled... The waitlist is not full and it seems to be getting larger everyday! What is wrong here?</p>

<p>You have to select "Add to Waitlist" on the left-hand bar. There you can enter in the lecture # and discussion you want.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot. Telebears is so confusing. For some classes you can just use add class then it will put you on the waitlist if it is full. Then there is the add to waitlist under enrollment and then finally there is the enroll/waitlist below it.... arg I hate telebears.</p>