Can't go to celebration weekend

<p>I got my early acceptance letter/ invitation to WashU for the multicultural weekend visitation but I can't attend that weekend because I have a state competition.
They said I can come visit between April 3-25th. I'm thinking a Fri/Sat thing or Mon/Tues. Can any student recommend a good time to come i.e. when at least one or two interesting things are going on, or when a lot of students wont' be studying for exams. </p>

<p>I'm dying to visit as it will be a huge deciding factor and I would hate to have a bad experience</p>

<p>I am not a student, but I think that if you want to mostly sit on classes, you'd have more opportunities Mon/Tue. If you want to see the social life aspect, Fri/Sat will be better. I would think that Thu-Sat (or even Thur/Fri) would be best if you can arrange it.</p>

<p>sounds good, thanks</p>