Can't go to Multicultural Celebration Weekend

<p>I got invited to Multicultural Weekend in April, but I'm already going out of town that weekend so I can't go. However, I still want to visit WashU sometime in the next month. When would be the best time for me to go/ what should i do there since I'm not going to a formal thing like Celebration weekend?</p>

<p>Doesn't individual colleges offer other programs? for example, Olin offers Spotlight Weekend</p>

<p>Note: you can visit anytime, but here are the main weekends in April:</p>

<p>Olin Spotlight (b-school): April 4-6
Engineering Visit Days: April 5-7
Art/Arch: April 5-7
Artsci: April 5-7</p>

<p>Those are when specific programs are designed specifically for each school- but you can visit whenever you're available.</p>