Can't upload my essay

<p>hmm...can't seem to upload my essay. Anyone got any tips? Is server too full right now or something?</p>

<p>idk...i had that problem 2 times.</p>

<p>once, idk. i just turned the DSL off and back on again, and it worked ok.</p>

<p>CHECK THE FILE SIZE. i tried to upload a photo, and the file was like 605 KB....gotta be sure it's less than 250 KB</p>

<p>I'm having the same problem..getting error file is only 24kb it's an essay word .doc</p>

<p>check the file type, too. make sure it's .doc?</p>

<p> it through. Just wait and try a couple of times. It's because the server is really busy.</p>

<p>I'm freaking out -- I've tried it atleast 5 times and keep getting the "cannot convert" error.</p>

<p>u can always snail mail the essay</p>

<p>Though that would reflect poorly on the application, considering the deadline was today. Around 11:00, the site seemed to improve. If you weren't able to upload it, perhaps email the board of admissions / immediately to explain the situation</p>

<p>idk if e-mailing applyyourself would help. they seem like a faceless monstrosity to me....but that's just me</p>

<p>Well, if you email them, you can tell Columbia University that you atleast tried to correct the problem with the people who actually run the site.</p>

<p>true. my opinion is now changed, disregard previous post</p>