Can't Wait! Favorite School! Review?

<p>Hey Im a freshman at a top ohio public school and I cant wait to send in my application to UC. Its my favorite college. I haven't yet took any major test, but can you guys see if this is a good chance of getting in with what I have so far? </p>

<p>If its not good enough please tell me why,I love knowing where I can improve.</p>


<p>1st Quarter: 3.9
2nd Quarter: 3.6
Total: 3.8</p>

<p>Sports: I play for the school's soccer team</p>

<p>Taking 5 Advanced classes ( English, Spanish, World Studies, Geophysics, and Algebra ).</p>

<p>Teacher for Algebra said she is asking if I can go Honors next year and I have the top score in World Studies right now so I think im getting Honors for that aswell.</p>

<p>Acouple other random notes:</p>

<p>I am in the school's men's ensemble ( singing ).</p>

<p>Im 3 weeks ahead of everyone else in my typing class ( dont know how that will help my college application, lol )</p>


<p>Heres what I plan on taking at UC...</p>

<p>I plan on going to the College of DAAP and take up graphics design as my major.</p>

<p>Keep up your grades and you should be fine. However, no one can answer you without some indication of SAT/ACT scores.</p>

<p>I plan on doing average and up on those. Almost everything I take test on im always above average, but below great, so idk ^_^</p>

<p>Thanks for the good advice!</p>