Cantonese at Merrill?

<p>Hey, any cantonese friends at merrill?</p>

<p>add me on AIM : parkmontk</p>

<p>meme…haha…my college is Merrill…but my dorm is at Porter…</p>

<p>@Whocaresman: Whoa, why is that?</p>

<p>@Liesel I think that’s the case for all transfers. My college is Cowell, but I’m staying at Porter.</p>

<p>@crummy: Ah, right. Forgot about that. Just know that Merrill had been having some housing troubles this year.</p>

<p>Me, but I am not in Merill. I am in crown college</p>

<p>Not Cantonese but lived in HK, if you wanna chat prior to starting fall PM me :)</p>