CAP to McCombs

Does anyone have any information on the difficulty of going from CAP to McCombs? I’m trying to figure out if Im better going down the road with CAP (with intention of business) or to just go to Duquesne and be business from day 1. Thanks!

I’m not trying for McCombs, but based on that link your best bet is to have a GPA of ~3.8+ and have written good essays (and of course have pre-req. classes completed). If you don’t end up getting in, ultimately it’ll come down to whether you value being a longhorn more so than being a business major. For me at least, I’m planning to go to A&M for my major if I don’t get in to the same major at UT. Good luck.

Agree with @JD1327‌ Another option if you feel you MUST go to UT is to go Economics with a business minor or to get the Business Foundations certificate.