Captain Obviuos's Advice Thread.

<p>Ask Captian Obviuos [me] a question and he'll give you an obviuos answer. :cool:</p>

<p>Captain, </p>

<p>When the universe begins to collapse in, will I have to walk backwards?</p>

<p>Oh Captain, my Captain,</p>

<p>Do you like obscure pop culture references? Why or why not?</p>

<p>By the way, Captian Obviuos goes by Cap*tian* Obviuos, not Capt*ain*. Captian Obviuos thought Captian Obviuos changed that in the title. :D</p>

<p>D'yer - Captian Obviuos will get back to you when the universe starts collapsing.
Snoop - Yes. Captian Obviuos thinks they're ballin'. </p>

<p>Because Captian Obviuos is slightly OCD, Captian Obviuos wants to make a new thread with Captian Obviuos's name spelled right. So, Captian Obviuos is going to do just that.</p>

<p>I can't allow that. I'll refuse to post in that thread. And you know you'd miss me.</p>

<p>Captian Obviuos is indifferently emotionally neutral.</p>

<p>So, hypothetically, if I professed my love for you, you would be indifferent?</p>

<p>Captian Obviuos no longer answers to this thread.</p>

<p>Does it look like I care?</p>

<p>^Taking over for Captian Obvious,
I'd say no snoop, it doesnt look like you care.</p>

<p>It's Captian Obvi*uos*, says Captian Obv*iuos*!</p>

<p>Captian Obviuos,</p>

<p>I say glue stick, you say ______.</p>

<p>Dear snoopyiscool,</p>

<p>The first thing that comes to mind when you say "glue stick" is "glue on a stick".</p>

Captian Obviuos.</p>

<p>Captian Obviuos requests that you post all further questions on the new Captian Obviuos's Advice Thread, which has Captian Obviuos's name spelled correctly.</p>

<p>Captian Obviuos,</p>

<p>Do you realize that I am not going to use that thread?</p>

<p>I told you.</p>

<p>why do you keep typing obviuos instead of obvious?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?</p>

<p>well, stuck-on-1700, isn't it obviuos?</p>

<p>unfortunately not.</p>


<p>^Now give advice to that. jackass.</p>