Car accident settlement

<p>My daughter had a car a minor car accident and we would like to pay for it ourselves, without involving the insurance. The owner of the other vehicle is saying that the estimate is $400 which seems reasonable but is unwilling to provide anything in writing. She says the mechanic wants $80 for a written estimate. If we were to pay her out-of-pocket, is there something we can write on the check to make sure she doesn't come back to us for more money? I was thinking of just writing, "Paid in full for accident of (date)." </p>

<p>There are plenty if places where I live that gives free estimate. They are referred by AAA so I know they are legit. I think one guy hit my daughter’s car and I had an estimate, he paid me in cash and made me sign something he wrote just in case I had to go back in him. He left a note when he dinged my daughter’s car, so he was not out to cheat anybody, perfect gentleman, I’d say. Maybe you could something similar. It was less than $600 for us. Paint job only no damage.</p>