Car for far away child-what to do?

<p>We are planning to provide a car for our far-away D, who is living/going to school across the country from us (in Los Angeles). She's going to school and doing an unpaid internship so she doesn't have a lot a money, although she can pay for gas/maintenance from her summer savings. We would provide insurance.</p>

<p>We have a 12 year old car that's in good shape and has <100,000 miles on it. We could ship it cross-country for her--although that's expensive, it's still cheaper than her buying a comparable car out there, and we know this one is well maintained and in good mechanical shape. </p>

<p>She'll be 21 in a couple of months. Right now her drivers license state of residency is in our home state, but she plans to get one in California when she turns 21. From a financial perspective (cost of insurance, etc) would we be better of giving her the car as a gift and having her register it/get insurance in California, or keeping the car in our name and just giving her use of it out there (if we can even do this)? Advice from those who have been there would be much appreciated.</p>


<p>Our daughter went to college in California and it never crossed our minds to send a car out to her. She didn't NEED a car. Does your daughter need one? It is going to be exhorbitantly expensive for a 21 year old driver to have car insurance in Los Angeles. She has youthful driver status so her rates will be higher anyway. I would check with your car insurance carrier and see if they will allow her to garage the car in L.A. and keep it on your insurance. They might not allow that at all...but then they might. Since she is a student, they might.</p>

<p>The other issue to face is if the car needs any kind of maintenance while it's in CA. Something to consider as well with an older car with higher mileage. </p>

<p>I know this isn't what you are asking, but if she doesn't need a car, I would not send one her way. Too costly.</p>

<p>Thanks. She does need one to get to her internship. No good public transport. I was afraid that insurance will be very expensive in CA. I will check with my insurance to see if I can keep her on ours while she has the car there.</p>

<p>Just another thought...if your child has never driven in L.A. traffic or very similar traffic, you might want to sign her up for a defensive driving course during the summer.</p>

<p>Our kids have kept their home state licenses and registrations while going to college in various states. College parking lots are filled with out of state plates. I think the kids like this because most states have no parking ticket reciprocity!</p>

<p>Our insurer required the coverage for the state where our student was in school, when it was used regularly for a co-op.
They would not have required it if the distance was reasonably close that the car could have been driven back by the student after a weekend(Thanksgiving) home.
A family car being housed in CA from the east coast would likely indicate regular use.</p>

<p>Does your old car meet CA emission requirements?</p>

<p>Before</a> Buying a Vehicle From Out of State - Be Sure You Can Register It in California FFVR 29</p>

<p>I'd look into this carefully.</p>

<p>Wow BB-thanks--that's important. It may mean that we need to keep the car in our name and try to have her on our insurance...I'll call them and check.</p>

<p>Driving on LA freeways was one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life, and I can drive all around the NY metro area with ease. Think Bladerunner.</p>

<p>We did this MOmof3. WE shipped it to daughter. License, registration and ins are still in home state. If she decides to stay in california we will sell it her and have her register and insure it. She stored it over the summer.</p>

<p>Normally I discourage cars at college. But wow... an internship is a valuable thing! I understand why OP is considering car options.</p>

<p>The emissions certification stuff is for new vehicles with less than 7,500 miles on the odometer.</p>

<p>California does require vehicles to registered in California under many circumstances:
How</a> To Register A Vehicle from Out-of-State (Nonresident Vehicle)</p>

<p>Have you considered a zip car? They are available through several campuses.</p>

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<p>Probably not for daily use, though.</p>

<p>My D bumped up on the same issue when she first moved to LA two years ago as a recent college grad. She needed wheels for her internship in Burbank. She rented a few clunkers from those non-Hertz-type agencies that rent to 22 years olds - not a cheap proposition.
She bought herself a cheap VW Golf from a garage that was good for servicing/emissions, etc., and then when she had the income bought a Yaris.</p>