Car top carrier recommendations?

<p>I've searched but can't find the reference to a great carrier that someone made in reference to gettingn a graduating senior home from school...</p>

<p>Thule is a great carrier.</p>

<p>Thule is maybe a 'great' carrier - 'Sears' has carrier that'll work fine for less than half the price of the Thule. Also consider how often you'll use it - probably rarely. You can also maybe rent a car top carrier from U-Haul.</p>

<p>Think about the mounting of it - i.e. whether it'll go on an existing SUV roof rack or just on the top of a sedan. You want to be careful to do no damage to the surface of the vehicle.</p>

<p>We used a soft carrier made by Roof Bag, and it worked fine for getting our graduating senior's stuff moved (and a few years earlier, moving a freshman in).</a> - Car Top Carrier - Soft Car Top Carrier - Quality roof luggage cargo carriers by RoofBag It's not elegant, but it's functional. Unlike some of the hard carriers, a soft one can fold up easily and travel inside the car, if you don't need it.</p>

<p>as ucsd states, you have to figure out if your car/SUV already has bars/cross bars to mount the box......if not, Thule sells the cross bars, but they need to attach to something......</p>

<p>yes, Sears box works too, but you have to have the crossbars already in place.....</p>

<p>most bicycle stores have stock on all of these items; they would be a good place to start.....</p>

<p>edit: roof bag is MUCH cheaper option ^^^ but be careful what you put in it....I actually like that one almost better (since it can fold up when empty...hmmmmmm</p>

<p>thanks all... we do have a roofrack...was thinking of putting clothes in it. I thought just a few days ago there was a suggestion on here about one - it may have been Thule...then in my own googling found roofbag. so thanks</p>

<p>Roofbag looks good to me. Thanks.</p>

<p>We used a cheap roof bag from Walmart (about $15). It has held up well. We even bought a second one and put them side by side on top of my big SUV. (sold in their auto area)</p>

<p>Works well for occasional uses. Might not work for someone who uses one all the time.</p>

<p>We bought the Kanga Hurricane. It's been used many times and is still in perfect condition, even after being stretched to the max by the stuff that D started out with.
This one had lots of online recommendations a few years ago when we bought it.
As others have said, also great because it folds up when you don't need it into a relatively small box. A great investment if you have kids moving back and forth.</p>

<p>Car</a> Top Carriers</p>

<p>Six years ago when we were sending first kid off to college, I ran into a Walmart and bought a roof bag. I didn't want the hassle of storing a hard sided carrier. The bag has held up well through the 2 kids moving in and out. We use it to hold the duffel bags with the linens, pillows, sweats, etc...nothing too heavy or bulky. One piece of sure your roof carrier is waterproof. We once drove 300 miles in a steady rain and everything stayed nice and dry.</p>

<p>I have a hard-sided roof carrier, the Sears one, that I've used quite a bit for camping, etc. but it truly does take up a lot of space when not in use. In looking at the soft bags linked in the posts here I think they might be more appealing to me since they can be folded up after use. They're also less expensive. As 'rodney' says, "hmmmmmm".</p>

<p>Our Walmart roof bags have held up very well. </p>

<p>I wasn't sure how rain-proof they would be so I did buy "water proofing spray" just to be sure. </p>

<p>Once we were going to be in a heavy down-pour so I did put the stuff in big black garbage bags first before placing them in the roof bag...just to be on the safe side.</p>

so I did put the stuff in big black garbage bags first before placing them in the roof bag...just to be on the safe side.


<p>We always do this because we find that it just makes loading and unloading easier.</p>

<p>we bought 2 carriers at garage sales. X-Cargo, I think is the name and they may very well be the Sears brand.</p>

<p>They are both hard shell and we use them in the bed of the pickup as well as cartop. They can be padlocked and/or strapped down. Very watertight.</p>

<p>^^ - Yes - X-Cargo is the Sears one.</p>

<p>as much as I hate hate hate wal-mart looks like that's where we will be going - thansk for all the suggestions and comparisons...this is our last of 8 years making the same 1000 mile journey - altho the ds (1st) had tons less clothes than the dd.(2nd)..and ds never really moved all his stuff home ever...and dd will have been out of the country for 8 months so we have much more to move...</p>