Car @ UT

<p>I been debating if I should take my car to UT and can't figure out if the $750-$1050 for parking in a garage is worth it. I have loads of family/friends in Houston and Dallas that I would potentially want to go visit 2-3 times a semester over the weekend. If I don't have a car, I could take the bus but I'm not sure how big of a hassle it is. </p>

<p>Also, what are some good places that UT buses don't take their riders to? How long is the wait to catch a bus ride? Whats the difference, in time, between going somewhere in your own car or going on a bus with loads of stops? For people who take their car, why do you? For those who don't, why don't you?</p>


<p>The reasons why I didn't take a car to UT (I live in Houston):
1.) Every weekend theirs a shuttle bus that leaves from campus to Houston/Dallas for only $49 which is cheaper than gas roundtrip.
2.) Parking is a female dog. Every football game, students are required to move their cars to a different location and/or lot that you have to pay and most of these parking locations are far away from campus and are usually packed by the time you drop your car off.
3.) Most places that students go to are walking distance- CVS, Chipotle, etc etc. OR you can take one of the campus buses to get to (Even shopping, you can take the Red River Shuttle and go to HEB). Even if you want to get hammered on 6th street, the safest and most prevalent alternative to getting home safe is the E-Bus.
4.) Thefts are prevalent in the parking garages. Just cause your in a parking garage doesn't mean your secure. TPS doesn't monitor the garages much or even at all as a matter of fact. My ex-roommate brought his car down to UT and one night right before he was to leave for winter break, all 4 alloy wheels of his car got stolen and his car was sitting on bricks.
5.) Gas and maintenance. If you calculate the gas and maintenance for a car (most mechanics suggest 14 cents per mile of wear and tear) it's pretty heft lets say, even if your a "loaded" college student with mommy and daddy paying for your stuff.
6.) One of your friends will probably have a car so you can always hitch a ride with them.
7.) Their is no difference in going somewhere in your car or in a bus. Why would there be (besides the extra people and the bus environment if your that "phobic")?
8.)The usual wait, IMO, to catch a bus is usually 3 minutes tops unless your going to Riverside</p>

<p>If you get a C parking permit for like $125 you can park in the lots on the other side of highway 35 over by the UT baseball fields. It's a complicated system, but once you find the right lot (there are maps and such to help you on the UT PTS website) it's pretty easy. There is a UT shuttle bus that runs often throughout the day (East Campus bus) that will take you to your car over there. You can park there overnight and everything. If you get an N+ permit you get garage access on weekends and on weekday evenings, if you want to keep your car close by on sat/sun.</p>

<p>If you only need to take your car home a few times a year, $125 is not bad at all. Plus if you really want to go to the mall or the movies or something on a Saturday, you can go get your car and use it. It is VERY difficult to get to the good mall (Barton Creek Shopping Center) or a decent movie theater (the one in Dobie and the one on 6th street are both HORRIBLE) without a car. The buses just don't run that far south conveniently.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. Been worried about theft also since I drive an okay car. Dobie's garage doesn't require you to move out during game days. I heard about the $40-$50 dollar round trip. So you get dropped off downtown in Houston and then you just go back to catch a bus back to Austin whenever? All for $49?</p>

<p>What about the time difference between taking a car or bus? I'm not worried about the people, just the convenience part. You have to wait for people to get off at their stops before you reach yours. How long does that take on average? </p>

<p>Also, what is the cost for a friend(not a UT student) who arrived at the airport in Austin and used the bus to get to & around campus?</p>

<p>This may be a dumb question, but just to make sure, I can ride the UT shuttle bus for free right? As for C parking permit, how safe is it? And does C lot have a roof over its parking? I'd prefer a roof on top of my car so it doesn't get wear and tear from the weather.</p>

<p>C parking permits put you in a parking lot, there is no covering of your parking. If you want covering, look for one of the cheaper garages. There are some official UT garages other than Brazos that are less conveniently located to the dorms, but are cheaper by a few hundred dollars (I believe). I think some are in the 600~ range.</p>

<p>If your friend is in town, he can ride the UT shuttles for free since they never check if the person getting on is really a student. You just kinda sorts have to look like you belong. Not even really, plenty of people have their parents come on the bus with them. I don't even think they have a place to take your money if you wanted to pay actually. As far as regular public buses, you can get a day pass upon boarding for like $2 or something like that. Or you can just borrow a friend's UT ID and swipe that to get on the bus.</p>

<p>The shuttles to Houston/Dallas are priced slightly differently, get more into The</a> Texas Express | Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) | The University of Texas at Austin</p>

<p>I'm for bringing a car to UT, but only if you'd use it. </p>

<p>I have mine now and it really is my sanity insurance. With it, I can go wherever the hell I want, whenever. No waiting, no heat, I've got my own radio, cds, etc. </p>

<p>It's a matter of how much you're willing to invest in and what location fits you. I'm just an average kid, not rich or anything, but I go all the way with a R permit because I live on campus. </p>

<p>For some, others work. I really wish I had a motorcycle or mo-ped though -- the permits run very cheap for those.</p>

<p>I'm definitely bringing a car to UT. And I agree with sasha2014, no worries about anything and doing whatever I want! :)
I'll be doing a lot volunteering/shopping so a car would be great for me. Don't really have too much about parking since it'll be in an apartment's garage.</p>

<p>DenuMz, didn't I tell you about places that sell parking to students earlier?</p>

<p>Yeah I think you did, but I'm just trying to figure out whether I should even bring a car at this point. I drive a 350z and starting to get more worried about theft, cost of the parking permit, and parking when I do take it out of the garage.</p>

<p>Well, if you were trying to bring a 350z, I would say you should not bring your car. Yes, you should be worried if some guys/women would break into your windows at night, which is what happened with my condo. By the way, I walked to that garage on MLK and 21st(-ish) and it was about 740 (I believe) for the weekdays and around 800 for 24/7. please email <a href=""></a></p>

<p>Or it is <a href=""></a>
Here is their web site:
Parking</a> Garage - St. Austin Catholic Parish - Austin, TX
By the way, Parking is free on Saturday night and all day Sunday to all who are attending Mass :)</p>

<p>I was thinking about Dobie's garage since its right across the Dobie dorms where I'll be living, but they are charging $1050! My other choice is speedway or some other garage close to the business school, which is around $740.</p>

<p>It's times like this I wish my car could just fold itself into a briefcase like in the Jetsons. xD</p>

<p>P.S. Is a Jeep modest enough for a car? It's not a open air wrangler or anything...but I wouldn't want it broken into.. :S </p>

<p>It's got a really lousy car alarm though - goes off if you even look at it. xD Haha --- but really its something to do with the ignition and the programming of the controls above the rearview mirror.</p>

<p>Nice Car @Denu</p>

<p>@sasha i love wranglers</p>

<p>sasha, there is a site called don't buy chrysler .com (I believe) detailing the problems an owner of an older model chrysler 300c. you may want to look at that.</p>

<p>Xtra & WhyTwoKay, you guys bringing your cars? Why or why not?</p>

<p>Thanks French.</p>

<p>You didn't ask me...but @DenuMz I don't live on campus, and yes I have my car.</p>

<p>I had my car even when I lived on campus, but I got lots of use out of it because I'm a foodie so I was driving all over town.</p>

<p>^ Your input is always appreciated vach. I eat out a lot as well and was wondering if theres any frozen yogurt places(pink berry, fresh berry, yummilicious) around campus? I think I saw one on the drag but not sure.</p>