<p>Are freshman allowed to have cars and if so is it worth it/too expensive?</p>

<p>Freshman can have a car. The cost of the permit is $660.20 (includes NYS sales tax).</p>

<p>Personally...I don't think you need a car freshman year...but it is nice to have around.</p>

<p>my tour guide told us that parking is a big problem at cornell and that they are trying to discourage kids from bringing cars to campus. she told us that if you don't bring a car to campus cornell offers an incentive by covering half the cost of a bus pass that runs in ithaca/to other cities.</p>

<p>If you don't bring a car you get a free TCAT bus pass for your first year.</p>

<p>D plans on spending time at the Oxley Equestrian Center. Are there buses that run there relatively frequently, or is it better to have a car for such trips? Are there any other places that students tend to go which are not services by bus routes? Thanks!</p>

<p>My daughter needs to go off campus for ECs. She has been taking cabs back and forth because the bus stop is too far. It is very easy to call for a taxi in Ithaca. Our daughter just took her car back to school today. She plans on parking her car at a fraternity house, which is cheaper than campus parking. Surprisingly, our insurance is not going to up that much.</p>

<p>i'm an admitted student and although I live in Nevada I am bringing my car with me as a freshman. Considering that at the public universities in Nevada it costs a lot more for a parking permit I'm not really worried about the $600 a year. I plan on riding on the equestrian team and I heard that it is convenient to bring your car. In addition, I was at Stanford over the summer and although the bay area has fantastic transportation it was still very inconvenient to not have a car.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies! Considering she is planning on participating in off-campus activities, a car seems like it might be a good idea. Equestrian, were you recruited for the riding team, or are you just trying out?</p>

<p>Get a scooter!</p>

<p>Parking really is a pain in the neck, but with a scooter you'll be able to go around just fine. No way to go to NY with it though!</p>

<p>Where can one store a bike at Cornell? If possible.</p>

<p>i was not recruited but i plan on trying out and hopefully i'll make the team. if not, i will still take lessons and try out the next year. If i go to cornell i'm selling my Iberian Warmblood so it would really suck to not get on the team and then not have my horse.</p>

<p>Dennis....the Transfer Center had a storage room for bicycles....I would imagine the dorms have something along those lines as well.</p>

<p>My D is planning on trying out too, and she will do the same (lessons/possible lease, and try out again next year)if she doesn't make the team next fall. Selling a horse you love is always tough, but we haven't owned one in a couple of years so that's not an issue for us now. She just loves to ride, and she'll ride anything she gets a chance to :)</p>

<p>thanks dew. Do many people have bikes?</p>

<p>ohhhh yeahhhhh </p>


<p>do you see many in the winter? Is it possible to ride it in the snow?</p>


<p>I do see some in the winter....mostly brave souls dealing with slush and ice :-)</p>

<p>brave souls</p>

<p>thanks for the replies everyone</p>

<p>"She just loves to ride, and she'll ride anything she gets a chance to" </p>

<p>Sorry, couldn't resist.</p>