<p>When do we get the emails telling us if we got it approved or not?</p>

<p>I think they said by July 30/31. I got an e-mail yesterday saying I was accepted, and one of my friends got one awhile back too. I don't think they have denied anyone yet.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure by July 27th, which is today. I'm still waiting for mine too...</p>

<p>Jk yeah I just checked and it's the 27th. Sorry about that... good luck guys! Where were you placed/where were you hoping to get into?
I got moved from Hedrick Summit to Rieber Terrace.</p>

<p>I was put in De Neve Plaza triple but I'm trying to get put into a hall due to money issues.</p>

<p>Ohhh yeah :/ good luck! A lot of my friends were moved from Rieber Hall to Rieber Terrace/Vista really early on (without requesting it) because of some mistake, except one friend who had paid too quickly. Plazas aree pretty expensive, and De Neve/halls period didn't even show up as an option on my CAR. :( De Neve's nice & close though.</p>

<p>haha thanks. yeah it's really nice so i guess i wouldn't mind TOO much if i ended up staying there ... but it's still a lot more money haha.</p>

<p>I wanted a double in either rieber vista or terrace. I have a triple in terrace</p>

<p>I didn't get an email either... I was originally assigned Westwood Chateau, but I applied for rieber hall triple for the car.</p>

<p>I just got the denial email a little while ago. Funny because I asked for triples which is what they always give away during lottery time. I wish I had a triple plaza or double hall assignment, but I'm now stuck with a single apartment I can't afford.</p>

<p>Denied here too.
I would've thought more people wanted doubles than triples. I guess I was wrong.</p>

<p>Anyone have a double in a rieber terrace or vista they want to trade to a triple?</p>

<p>Denied here...but I guess I should be happy with 2 bed/4 person at Westwood C.</p>

<p>I still taking Rieber Terrace Triple, and hoping to change to get a double at here or somewhere .</p>

<p>anyone interested?</p>

<p>Gah! DENIED. Guess I'll be staying at my De Neve triple....waiting until open transfer night is too much work >_<.</p>


<p>Bleh denied..i have a triple suite in sunset village if anyone wants to trade for any kind of hall...preferably triple. Thanks </p>

<p>909 919 4269 text me</p>

<p>denied, De Neve Double, wanna go to residence hall. If anyone interested- send me private message.</p>

<p>I need a residence hall (triple), although double may also be ok. There r financial issues.</p>

<p>I was denied, too. I was wondering if anyone would like to switch rooms with me. I have a triple in Rieber Terrace (female), and I'm looking for a residence hall, preferably a triple. Please PM me if you're interested...</p>