Care Package Issue

<p>Okay so I was suppose to receive a package in the mail 2 days ago by USPS. The track & confirm feature says my box was delivered to my school's mailroom September 12th at 1:43pm. I went to go pick it up but they said they didn't have it and to check back the next day (yesterday) & again there was nothing. So here I am today to go check & still they can't find my package. I am beginning to think that the people in the mailroom has mistakenly given my package to someone else & I am beyond mad because I had stuff from home sent to me that I really needed. I am thinking about just getting a post office mailbox down the street, which isn't that long of a walk cause the students they have working in the mail room are just careless & unorganized.</p>

<p>Has anyone had any similar problems with their school mail room??</p>

<p>I've had nothing but problems with getting my mail! It takes weeks for me to actually get my mail (the mail is coming from a town 2 hours away, it should be here the next day!), they've sent some of my mail back saying I don't live here, and some of my mail is missing! With packages, we have to wait until we receive an email saying we have a package before we can actually pick up the package. Well, the first time I received a package, I never got an email! So I threw a big enough fit at the desk, and they finally gave me my package. It's all absolutely ridiculous. I hate the mail system here!!</p>

<p>Ive been getting packages fine, but then again it's completely up to your own college and it's mail handling system.</p>

<p>Eh sometimes its a day late but thats due to the fact that my apartment building is only open from 6-9 for mail.</p>

<p>I remember one time, I got an email notification that a package had arrived for me at the wrong residence hall area (there are three at my school and I didn't live in the residence hall area where the package had been delivered to). Confused, I went over to see what it was, but then after checking the address on the package, I confirmed that the package wasn't mine and that they must have sent the package notification email to me by mistake since the recipient of the package also had the same name as me. If I hadn't taken a look at the address on the label, someone with my name might have never gotten her package.</p>

<p>We have a confusing system here because everyone has two addresses. They have their campus PO Box, which also accepts USPS packages. And there is the East or West Service Desk (depending on dorm) which is where UPS or FedEx packages are sent.</p>

<p>So far, the only problem I've had is that Virgin Mobile wouldn't allow my Mailing and Billing addresses to be different, so I had to have my new phone sent home and mailed to me. The desks are staffed by students, but there hasn't been any issues so far. The post office is an actual US Post Office branch, which is useful because there are professional staff, and if you need to send something you can buy a stamped envelope or postage-paid box right there.</p>

<p>I think same-name problems are why the campus asks that the student's e-mail address be included in the shipping information. It doesn't usually create a problem to add in this information on an online order (like on the Address 2 line), and it may still be helpful at schools that don't require this.</p>

<p>My D NEVER, in her entire year at her school last year, got all the mail she was supposed to. She knew mail had been sent and yet it never arrived. The US Post Office in her town blamed the school distribution center, the school mail center blamed the postal service. We never did figure it out, but now that she is living at home again her mail arrives regularly. Last year she finally changed any billing addresses to her dad's address and he would give them to her in person, but not before she got assorted late fees. D had a friend at another school who wasn't getting mail either-ESPECIALLY care packages and gift cards-anything of value never seemed to arrive. Seemed pretty obvious the kids working in the mail center were opening stuff and taking things. I would get a real PO box and avoid the school mail office altogether.</p>

<p>I had a problem like this with a textbook I ordered once. The mail room mysteriously found it a semester later. Also happened with a letter that had $200 cash in it, which appeared a few months late-- apparently it had stuck to the side of a mail bin and been overlooked for a very, very long time. I did eventually get everything, though, and these were the only incidents I had. I thought I'd be glad to move into an apartment after graduation and not have those problems anymore, but my apartment is even worse. :P</p>

<p>Some colleges (Like mine) have to put each package in a computer database of some sort. So it might take a couple days for it to be in the system.</p>