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<p>Hello All,</p>

<p>I will most probably be attending Rutgers and was wondering whether or not to study Geological Sciences or Chemical Engineering in order to work in the Oil and Gas Industries after I graduate? I do suspect I need to attend graduate school as well, however I am in New Jersey, and the only options to me that make sense are Geology or Chemical Engineering.</p>

<p>Also, any other advice on what other schools are good in New Jersey?</p>

<p>Both are fine fields; you should take a class in each and decide which you like better. Chem E sounds more exciting and versatile to me, especially as a foundation for graduate work.</p>

<p>That is a tough decision. You are right, Chem E may be more versatile. I read somewhere that undergrad doesnt matter for the oil companies as long as I do well and maybe obtain admission to TAMU or Texas Tech, UHouston, or of course UTexas Cockrell for Masters degree. That is what my ultimate goal is.</p>

<p>Would Rowan be better for me then Rutgers? I like the fact that no TA's teach Chem E coursework at Rowan, whereas at rutgers I will be thrown in a room of 350 students and I dont do well in that atmosphere. Any advice/suggestions please</p>

<p>If you want a smaller school with smaller classes then Rowan is the school for you. Both are very good in engineering, but Rowan has better project-based learning.</p>