career advisory at Wooster

COW does a fantastic job of describing their academic philosophy, with its culmination in the senior research project. However, it seems more difficult to find out about offerings for the workplace. Any current students or recent alumni have experiences they can share about internships or Wooster’s professional network?

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Thank you. I was hoping for some anecdotes on outcomes as well. Did any of your family go to Wooster?

I did…it was many moons ago, prior to APEX. My D18 looked hard at Wooster, however, and we paid close attention to APEX for its potential to impact her outcome. The feedback from the students we talked to was favorable regarding the opportunities APEX provides.

Unfortunately this isn’t a very active forum but hopefully someone with more recent experience will chime in for you. I just wanted to provide the APEX link so you would at least know the infrastructure is in place for those who choose to take advantage of it.

Very helpful - thank you again!

You are very welcome…good luck in the search!

I can say that Wooster is a special place and the transformational impact of the Independent Study (IS) program cannot be emphasized enough (it’s like completing a Master’s thesis as an undergraduate). The skills it teaches and the intellectual fires it ignites get students moving in directions they hadn’t imagined prior. And, of course, the significant 1-on-1 time you spend with the Professor advising your project ends up going much further than just technical discussion…they become an important mentor and advocate for your future. The beauty of the IS program is that it doesn’t prepare you to do one thing…it prepares you to do anything. It still impacts me today, 26 years later.