Career change next steps?

Hey all, so I graduated college three years ago and have been working in education for the past three years. Currently I had an epiphany and wanted to go back to school and major in something in business instead of my humanities major.

I’m currently applying to get a second degree in a CUNY and am wondering what would be the logical next step after that. I want to major in economics and accounting and was wondering if I should then get a masters in it or try for an mba. I have three years of full time experience but not in the business world… So should I go for a masters and get some work experience before trying for business school? Or should I apply for an MBa after I get a second degree?

Just curious

You can apply for an MBA with any undergrad major. You do not need a second degree.

Thanks for the reply, I’m getting a second degree as I can’t apply this year anyways so it is a gap year to improve my chances. So I have a humanities and business degree. And to open up more possibilities

Unless your GPA is substantially better than your previous degree, it won’t change your chances much. Some MBA programs have pre-reqs you can take before you start. I’d spend my time checking those boxes rather than working toward a degree.

Why do you need to go back to school at all? I mean, you may decided to eventually go back for an MBA or an MA in economics, but if you want to change your career why don’t you try to do so without necessarily returning for a degree? You can switch from education to business by trying to find a position that marries the two (and there might be quite a few - I work with a former teacher who now works in technology).

A business undergrad degree if you already have a BA doesn’t necessarily open you up to any new possibilities. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to spend your money there - better to save it up for an MBA.