Career Goal:Finance & Investment, CPA VS. MBA:Finance w/ BBA:Accounting

<p>I am a recent graduate with a BBA in accounting from Baruch college. My career goal is to be involved with finance and investments in the real estate industry. I have over 5 years of accounting experience in residential and commercial real estate, currently working in one of the best commercial real estate firm in the world. I am also eligible to sit for the CPA.</p>

<p>Question: Should I pursue the CPA or a MBA in finance and investments, hopefully in NYU Stern?</p>

<p>I think a lot of accounting graduates want to switch careers to finance in the long run but it is extremely hard to decide which route to take. Normally, accountants don't have finance experience. </p>

<p>Please help!!!</p>

<p>Get your CPA now. Then see what you want to do. Maybe that will give you an idea of whether you want to stick with your current job(maybe better promotion prospects with your CPA) or not. It's a respectable credential, and will probably be worth having even if you get the MBA later...</p>