Career in Non-Profit Organizations

<p>I'm just a high school senior wondering what careers in non-profit organizations, such as MSF (Doctors w/o borders) or the Red Cross, are like. I know that I want to pursue med/pharmacy school and that I want my career to be helping people in other countries - particuarly China where I feel strongly about societal issues (I know that as a doctor it wouldn't be my job to voice my political opinion much less reform society, but I still like to hope that I can make a difference by just being a doctor there.)</p>

<p>So if anyone knows...
Is there even a need for me? (As in job market? I feel like there should be but I don't actually know; maybe US trained doctors aren't preferred in other countries...)
What does my career do? (I guess that depends on the situation, so my question is more like "what do people need me to do?")
What is the pay like? (I mean, I intend on going to med school...)</p>