Career Interest

<p>Do colleges care about what career you say you're interested in on the commonapp? I want to do some finance stuff, but I can't find the proper category, so should I mark it as undecided or is that bad?</p>

<p>They use that to understand more about your interests. If you can't find finance, look for business and maybe even accounting. Most of all, make sure that if you are applying to a university that you are applying to the correct college (college of business, or whatever college within the university that supports economics, business, accounting, etc.).</p>

<p>Finance at some colleges may also be something that is more for a master's degree, so just find something that is close to the career or major that you're interested.</p>

<p>Unless having a specific major requires a separate application process like some college of businesses at Universities, it shouldn't matter.</p>

<p>Thank you everybody! Also, what are some possible careers for a history/economics major that I could list?</p>