Career Options for Econ Major?

<p>My daughter is a freshman at a private LAC. She thinks she would like to dual major in Econ and Spanish. Her school also offers majors in Accounting and Business Admin which are less interesting to her but she thinks these majors may offer more career options. </p>

<p>I am coming from a science background so can offer little help on career options in business. What type of companies would recruit an Econ/Spanish major. Would an Accounting Major or Business Admin. major give her more marketable skills?</p>

<p>Economics majors have as many opportunities as both of those majors. She would not be hurt by majoring in economics.</p>

<p>Has she taken any accounting courses? If Econ is where she truly has an interest, I wouldn't try to persuade her to change her major. If she gets internships and such, she should be fine.</p>

<p>i dont think she needs to major in spanish though if she's gonna go into econ
econ will provide plentiful job opportunities</p>

<p>Let me guess: Bucknell?</p>

<p>Anyways, um banking, finance, management, politics, corporate law, on and on and on, the opportunities are endless. She just has to find the right one.</p>

<p>And, I wouldn't worry about the double major. Very beneficial. Spanish and Econ is not too far off of an International Relations major. She will have no problems finding a job.</p>

<p>Thanks - Your messages are very encouraging. I think after this semester she'll have a better idea of where to focus. She is taking an Intro Accounting course this semester so that should help with her decision.</p>