Career options for MHC gradutes

<p>Im an international student from Europe who will go to Mount Holyoke College this fall as a transfer. Im concerned with my career options after graduation. I am going to have a dual major in International Relations (with the focus on international institutions) and Economics; I speak Russian and Spanish, and also hope to take another foreign language at MHC. I have some leadership experiences like participating in international conferences and programs, that I hope to continue while at MHC. I'm also planning to do research in my major field and get it published by Roosevelt Institute. After graduation I would like to get a job (preferably with an international organization or in the non-profit sector), start repaying my loan to MHC, and save money for graduate school. However, I feel it will be extremely difficult for me to get a job right after graduation, since im an international student, and many employers will be reluctant to do all the paperwork associated with my status. Can anyone give me advice on this please? How can I increase my chances of getting a job while Im still at MHC? I am especially curious about career experiences of other international students who graduated from MHC. Thanks.</p>