Career services at Claremont Mckenna?

What do you think of Claremont McKenna College’s career services in comparison with other colleges? From what is shown on the school’s website, Claremont seems to have a more rigorous program to prepare students for future career such as their interest clusters and internship opportunities even from freshmen year. Is this a specialty that makes Claremont worth it? Or this is just what all other schools have in common? Thanks in advance.

CMC Career Services has consistently been rated among the best. Each student gets an advisor and personal care to ensure they reach their career cluster of interest; a lot more personalized and 1 on 1 than even the traditional “elite schools” (I hear those career services literally give the same generic advice when someone sends a resume in for example, while Claremont staff will actually sit down with you and talk it through). How important career services is up to you, but CMC being top-notch is undeniable (especially with generous fundings such as SIE among others)

Agree, I can tell from their home page where they display appealing outcomes of jobs placement after graduation.
How do you compare Claremont’s career services to that of Williams College? In your opinion, which one is better?

@irenene I’ve visited both schools and there was little emphasis placed on Williams career services when I visited, as opposed to CMC where they flaunt it. That’s not to say Williams’ career services aren’t good (the outcomes are amazing for both schools so that shouldn’t worry you!), it’s just not as much as a “shining star” for Williams. I think Williams more indulges in its history and established rapport (95% of people haven’t heard from either one but CMC is actively working hard to make a name for itself. this is a good thing in that they are continually working to prove themselves and even outworking their peer institutions, but it’s definitely not a place for you if “prestige” is your #1 factor.) The fact is that CMC’s outcomes are among the best and they’re fully transparent which I appreciate it (look at their Fact Book for all the publicly available info their stats department compiles, including how many individuals went to each firm!). Williams will clearly set you up for success, but it will be more its history that does that and not the career services. The two schools have very different strategies and that’s where the unique pre-professionalism of CMC in LAC form comes into use compared to the traditional liberal arts education of Williams. Which one is better really depends on your own preferences.

In terms of my future predictions, based on how ED acceptances have looked for CMC and recent years data, CMC (and likely the entire consortium) will become exceedingly more competitive and prestigious. I’d say CMC is more “on the rise” while Williams has essentially plateaued (albeit at an elite level of prestige and reputation). Williams has also definitely been seeing lower acceptance rates but nothing like the meteoric rise of CMC this past decade.

Definitely the analysis I want to hear. Thanks a lot! Next year I will apply CMC ED1

As an indicator of career services available, early salaries can be tracked through U.S. News. Both CMC and Williams graduates perform really well by this measure. CMC’s place second among the five Claremonts (after Mudd’s); Williams’ place second among the ten NESCAC LACs (after Hamilton’s). CMC’s graduates, it should also be noted, place somewhat higher than Williams’.

Glad to hear it! Hope to see you there next year @irenene

Career placement services at CMC are easily among the best in the nation & have been for many years, maybe decades.

Can I ask what did you write in your personal statement? I mean the topic. Can you give me some useful tips for the essays? @oceantriumph

@irenene I wrote about my unique experience growing up as a minority. My advice is start early (I started in May), get a lot of people to look over it (always decide whether to incorporate their edits or not. A lot of the edits others offered I rejected, but it was helpful to see other’s opinions as I wrote to make sure my points were coming across the way I wanted them to), rewrite rewrite and rewire (I had probably 10 drafts from beginning to end), and finally, try to make it interesting and quirky if that’s how your personality is (including a few jokes, or something that shows how clever you are would definitely help!).

Please let me know if I can help in any other way! The personal statement is important, but I’d say the CMC 250 word is most important for CMC…definitely try to focus on that because they care about fit

@oceantriumph Thanks for the tips. How can I contact you for help then? I’m starting to draft my essays already ^^.

Be careful about asking more than one or two people to edit your essays as you risk losing your writer’s voice & in getting contradictory advice.

College application essays do not need to written over a long period of time. They are not research papers.

Regarding the original question, CMC is a school with a strong pre-professional vibe. Students are much more likely to end up in careers in business or law, etc, than other LACs. This is reflected in their career services.

And don’t crowd source your essay.

Thanks. Very good advice here.