Career Services - Recomendation Letters

<p>Just wondering how your kids college handles letters of recommendation. My d recently went through an internship search - applying to 15 different jobs. Her school's career services does not provide an in-house recommendation service so she used Interfolio. She found that her professors had never heard of Interfolio and had difficulty with using it - they didnt like that they had to create an account and some struggled with the electronic submission. Then she also had employers who wanted her to hand them the letter vs. sending it to them through Interfolio.<br>
I'm wondering how other colleges handle this - it seems natural to me that Career Services would provide this in-house - compiling and sending recommendations for their students. I can see charging a fee per recommendation sent but to totally farm it out to a third party seems odd - especially for a top university.</p>

<p>My understanding is that my son does not automatically send out recommendations. His CV says "recommendations available on request".</p>