Career services?

<p>Hi! I'll be visiting Earlham in about a week. I'm very interested in attending but am a bit worried about the lack of a career center/advising..I couldn't find much on the school's website. Does anyone have experience with career and internship services here?</p>


<p>Why do you believe there's no career/internship center at Earlham?</p>

<p>Earlham</a> College | BCSV</p>

<p>woody, do you know if that's for all Earlham students, or just Bonner Scholars?</p>

<p>It's for everyone - students and alumni. I attended a presentation on this at last year's orientation.</p>

<p>Thanks, jazmom.</p>

<p>The Bonner name is used in more than one context on that campus.
:-) We were there 3 wks ago and the Bonner Scholar office seemed to be part of the career services dept. Which makes sense since both deal with internships.</p>