Career start

hi there!
Guys, what are the best cities to start a career?

It depends on what career, and the life intangibles that matter to you.

That’s a very broad question!

What field/industry are you looking to work in? What are your career goals?

Let’s start with that.

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Since you have provided no information, I’d say the best places are 1) near your college because the career office probably has local connections, or 2) where your parents live since presumably you will have a free place to live until you get some money saved and you are more likely to know people which can help your career.

Other considerations: Are you interested in a field that is concentrated in one part of the country? Do you care about north vs south, urban vs rural, mountains vs beaches, cost of living in an area? There are a lot of things to think about and the answer is not the same for everyone.

Depends on your personal preferences as well as your chosen profession.

Way too generic a question. That said, I would recommend considering cost of living either initially or as you start to contemplate a family.

Where there are a lot of jobs in your field, CoL is relatively low, the physical climate is the most comfortable to you, you are as close to family as makes you comfortable, and you like the culture and people.